What does our ability to handle complexity and radical change have to do with Gender Equality, Feminism, and Feminine Leadership Qualities?
A lot is my conclusion!

1968. My paternal grandmother and my mother.

My mother, born in 1928 in rural Sweden, was a feminist. One of the core messages she ingrained in me is: Don’t ever let yourself be dependent on a man!
My mother was completely dependent on my father, financially, and he was completely dependent on her, emotionally and physically. She took care of my father, five children, her alcoholic brother, her mother-in-law. She was the oil in the relational machinery, in our family, and…

Thirty-two years ago, I stepped into a “real” organization for the first time. A Swedish company with about 600 employees. Most of them were women, with little formal education. This new world was a mystery to me. How can grown-ups make themselves so small at work, silencing themselves in the presence of managers?

These women were super conscientious and responsible. They never left work until the job was done. Outside work they were in charge of families, investment decisions, navigating the ups and downs that life offers. I was marveled by how passive and compliant they became in the presence…

I wonder whether this period will just be a big parenthesis in history. When the crisis is over, will we return to our habitual ways of working and being together, or will we maintain the new collaborative behaviors we learned? My intent is rather to make this the beginning of a new chapter.
Oliver Kozak, Continuous Improvement Leader, the European Commission, Brussels

We are many who oscillate between worry and hope right now. …

Greta Rask

I’m committed to support leaders and future activists in their efforts to evolve Healthy, Happy, Humane and Effective Organisations.

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